The Media Hog

The Media Hog

Visibility is everything when you’re marketing a business or organization. A sign, a website, even a business card can do it, but in very limited scope. Advertising can do it… at a high price that says to the reader that you’ve paid to toot your own horn.

Providing visibility with credibility is the role of public relations. Best of all, it can be obtained at a fraction of the cost of advertising and with increased perception of your company as a valuable, newsworthy product or source of information.

The Media Hog has been providing public relations services for the past five years and has recently opened its doors in Jasper County. Over the years, we have helped small businesses, like yours, enjoy the benefits of seeing their feature articles printed in local and national publications and special events arranged to showcase their products and services. Through a coordinated plan that I develop with your input, we will identify your targeted market(s) and strategize the best way to reach them. Your plan will be specifically designed to meet your needs.

Whether you need feature exposure, event promotion, press release writing or article placement, or media relations, our personal dynamic presentation may be exactly what your business growth needs.

Get noticed… stay noticed… let me help!

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